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Lacoste Clothing
The bud green signature Lacoste "Piqué Stretch" polo shirt, paired with black pants, helps the common man achieve the look of a well dressed man in Milan. You can read about the secret behind the originality of the famous Lacoste crocodile, and its signature 1212 shirt in the book 'The Legend Lacoste'.
Rene Lacoste was one of the famous "Musketeers" who raised the standing of tennis in France to that of a great sport. he invented the style of "casual elegance". To obtain greater freedom of movement and more comfort during his matches, he created a lightweight, open-weave, short sleeved white knit shirt with a ribbed collar: the celebrated Lacoste polo shirt was born.
Rene Lacoste was nicknamed the crocodile as the result of a bet. Just before a decissive davis Cup game, the Captain of the French team promised to give his young "musketeer" a crocodile skin suitcase if he won the match. The fans were quick to pick up on the nickname, which epitomised the young player's amazing tenacity on the court. When the time came to select an emblem for the Lacoste brand, the crocodile was the natural choice. The symbolism is evocative: patient and powerful, the crocodile is a faithful representation of a brand that focuses on longevity, a consistent style and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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